AM / AS Chrome Floor Lamp

Sputnik Desk Lamp by Max Bill

1950 Spider Chandelier

vintage design curved six arms golden floor lamp

 Gold Artifice Floor Lamp

fanco albini franca helg paolo piva chrome desk lamp am/as

AM/AS Desk Lamp by Albini, Helg & Piva

Vintage sputnik desk lamp by bietenholz

Bietenholz Sputnik Table Lamp

Set of Two Max Bill Sputnik Lamps

Drop Lamp by Luxus / Kristiansson

BAG Turgi Mid Century Pendant Lamp

SOLD Brass & Alabaster Floor Lamp

Set Of Two Chrome & Granite Table Lamps

Mid century pendant lamp

1950 minimalist cream floor lamp

SOLD Bientenholz Floor Rocket Lamp

Minimalist 1950 Red Floor Lamp

Busquet desk lamp for Hala

Bietenholz Chrome Desk Lamp

Bauhaus Belmag desk lamp

SOLD 1950 tripod brass desk lamp

Poulsen PH 5 pendant lamp

Hala Desk Lamp

Nico Kooy wall lamps for Raak

Tricolour ceiling lamp

Set Of Two J-R Caillette Wall Lamps

Belmag Quick 1500 desk lamp

Double bullet desk lamp

Desk lamp with deflector

Mid-Century Tricolour Floor Lamp

SOLD Jazz Band floor lamp

Mid century tripod  floor lamp

1950 multi-coloured table lamp

Set Of Two Anvia Minimalist Wall Lamps

American double desk lamp

SOLD Set of 3 "Gel-Light" lamps

Industrial lamp

Set Of Two Floor Lamp Dice TIF

SOLD Sputnik Pendant Lamp

SOLD Mid century coloured lamp

SOLD Max Bill Floor Lamp For Temde

SOLD Desk Lamp

SOLD Danish Pendant Lamp

SOLD Set of two big wall lamps

SOLD Mid-century desk lamp

SOLD Megal desk lamp

SOLD Flamingo Luxo floor lamp

 SOLD Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Morup

SOLD Glass and metal pendant lamps

SOLD Danish pendant lamp

SOLD French SCE floor lamp

SOLD Swiss floor rocket lamp

vintage desk lamp sintesi

SOLD Sintesi desk lamp

SOLD Desk lamp

SOLD Temde pendant lamp

SOLD  Adjustable wall lamp


SOLD  Belmag swan neck desk lamp


SOLD  Isos, G. Stoppino for Tronconi (red)

 SOLD Set of vintage Ikea Duett


SOLD  Belmag Quick 1500 desk lamp


SOLD  bicolour two arms desk lamp


SOLD  Isos, G. Stoppino for Tronconi (white)


SOLD  Biny set of wall sconces


SOLD Bag Turgi gooseneck desk lamp